It is a sad fact that many people will at some point in their life experience the breakdown of a relationship. And the emotional and personal cost on that individual, and their wider family, can be felt for many years to come. But is there an alternative?

Collaborative law is a new approach designed to avoid confrontation and encourage couples who are separating to work together with dignity, honesty and respect. The aim is to enable separating couples to decide for themselves the outcome that they want to achieve, putting the needs of any children at the forefront of the process. Couples work together, with specially trained lawyers, to achieve amicable solutions, without the need to go to Court.

Local Solicitors Linda Hunter of Rowlinsons Solicitors, Ruth Hetherington of FDR Law and Helen Oakes from Butcher & Barlow are specially trained Collaborative lawyers and are therefore able to offer this service.

“We believe that by using the Collaborative law process, couples can separate in a healthy, amicable way that will enable them to achieve the best solutions in a quicker, more cost effective way than the traditional court route.”

To book an initial free consultation with Linda call 01927 736679 or with Ruth call 01928 739300, Helen’s phone number is 01928 733871.

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