The Scarecrows are coming back to Helsby for the annual Helsby Scarecrow Trail. With a new Covid-safe trail that will delight the kids and bring back fond memories for the rest of us. The theme for this year is Children’s Books. The Scarecrows will be on display around the village from Saturday 24th October through to Saturday 31st October.

The Scarecrows will mark the beginning of the Ho Ho Helsby season. With other Covid-safe activities planned up to and over the festival season.

Residents, community groups, and local businesses are all invited to take part. There will be no charge made this year to take part, as we believe that there are other organisations that deserve the money more at the moment. Although, if anyone would like to make a donation to our festive activities you can be sure that it would be very gratefully received.

Everyone and anyone can take part in the Scarecrow Trail. Residents, community groups, schools and local businesses will be making Scarecrows and displaying them during the week of the trail. Maps showing where all the scarecrows are located will be available to download from our website during the trail week.

There will also be a fun quiz allowing everyone who takes part the opportunity to win a fabulous children’s book related prize.

To keep everyone safe in these difficult times, all voting will take place online.

For more information please visit our website at:

Further information:

Event organiser: Kate Sillitoe 07749 617321

What is a Scarecrow Trail?

A Scarecrow Trail is a community event for all to enjoy. Residents and organisations can get involved by making a Scarecrow. Visitors can get involved by following the trail, completing the quiz and voting for the best scarecrows.

In a Scarecrow Trail, members of the public, community groups, and local businesses make scarecrows and display them outside their properties. During the week of the Scarecrow Trail the trail maps, that show visitors where all the scarecrows are located, can be downloaded from our website. The Scarecrows will provide a clue to help people to solve the quiz.

For further information about Ho Ho Helsby, please see:

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