Pupils learn from local seniors’ memories of wartime

Pupils at Helsby High School and The Heath School in Runcorn recently had the opportunity to ask local seniors their memories of wartime through Home Instead’s ‘Living History’ project.

Taking a trip down memory lane, they shared their experiences of life as a child during World War Two, giving the children a first-hand account of wartime Britain on the run up to Remembrance Day.

Local Seniors discussed rationing, including what they used to eat for school meals, the fashion of the era, experiences of air raids and hearing war updates on the radio, or the ‘wireless’ as it was called then!

Jane Pinnington, Community Relations Coordinator at Home Instead, wanted to encourage intergenerational communication in the local community in an uncertain and sometimes isolating time.

Jane commented: “In the early stages of lockdown we ran a letter writing initiative between primary school children and our clients to reduce social isolation, which was really well received and has formed friendships and pen-pals who continue to write to each other.”

“We wanted to create another opportunity for intergenerational communication in our local community into the winter months, as the second lockdown may cause our valued seniors to feel lonely once again. Our ‘Living History’ project allows our clients to reminisce about their childhood memories, as well as communicating with others and educate local children.”

Phyllis one of the valued contributors commented: “I loved being a part of ‘The Living History’ project. It brought back so many memories and has really lifted my spirits.”

Mrs Marvin, the Head of History at Helsby High School reiterated this praise “We are so grateful for Home Instead working with us on this initiative.

The videos are really informative and will help our Year 9 students to understand so much more about what wartime was like, and how different it was to be a child back then compared to now. It will also help youngsters to understand seniors in a different light by hearing about their childhood experiences. We are looking forward to using this valuable local resource in our future World War Two topic.”

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