We live through troubling times with the pandemic and an economic recession. Climate change is bringing other dramatic impacts including a warming world, threats to people’s health and livelihood, melting ice and rising sea levels and extinction threatening many species of our planet.

‘Climate Action Frodsham’ (CAF) is a concerned Frodsham community group which is ready, when Covid-19 regulations allow, to circulate thousands of leaflets in Frodsham to promote what the community can do to counter Climate change.

The CAF leaflet encourages Frodsham residents to make their voices heard by the local MP, the CWaC climate emergency task force who support community action and local CWaC councillors.

The leaflet also contains 9 good ideas to reduce your carbon footprint and encourages residents to speak with family and neighbours about working together towards a better future for all creatures and plants that live on the Earth.

A good example is the work being done by the CAF group is to encourage CWaC to give serious attention to installing solar panels on the roofs of Frodsham primary schools. Your ideas and contribution will be welcomed by the group who can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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