Thank you John for being my very first advertiser!

I wish you health & happiness in your well deserved retirement.... Enjoy!

John Pendleton or as many of you know him as ‘Odd Jobs John’ is retiring at 72yrs and I’m sure that you will join me in wishing him all the very best. It seams really surreal that he was my first ever advertiser back in May 2005!

John has advertised with me ever since and over the years I’ve heard from so many people how happy that they have been with the work that he’s done for them.

John and his lovely wife, Eileen celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary last August and although sadly it wasn’t on a cruise as planned, they had a fabulous holiday in the Lake District.

John, thank you for encouraging me with Helsby To Hand, I will always be grateful to you and thanks also for this wonderful poem which made me emotional but also laugh out loud when I recall us chatting away so well that we almost departed without paying the bill!!

Enjoy your retirement John, spending time with your family and friends, singing with Runcorn Community Choir, painting, writing poetry and going on lovely walks with little Harriet, your gorgeous dog.

From John to me....

I remember when we met
way back in the days
You phoned me up and asked
if we could meet at Lady Heyes

I remember clearly we met at 3 O’clock
then sat and had a brew
in that little coffee shop

You talked about the plan you had
to print a little book
and post it out to villages
so they could take a look

This little book there given
would open up their eyes
It’s full of local businesses
who want to advertise

Your idea was brilliant
of that I can’t deny
You asked me what I thought
I said “you won’t know until you try”

As we sat there talking
the time just passed away
and as we walked out of the door
I nearly didn’t pay!

So all the worries that you had
and all that you had planned
became a local treasure
called ‘Helsby To Hand’

But now the time has come
when I regret to say
can you cancel all my adverts
I’m calling it a day.

Thank you John xx

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