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As a local family farm, Frodsham Christmas Trees, promises that we will still be providing top quality, pick-your-own, organic trees for the coming festive season.

In spite of all the uncertainty the year has thrown at us, Frodsham Christmas Trees will still be opening the gates this year and doing so in line with CV19 guidance.

Fresh, locally grown trees from a sustainable farm plantation will be available for you to pick your own with free local delivery as an option.

As an extra precaution this year, there will also be the chance to go to the farm and pre-select your tree starting in November. You can let us know which one you want and when you want it delivered, so you won’t have the worry if any additional restrictions might apply in December. Your tree will only be cut on the day when you are ready to take delivery as with our normal pick-your-own service.

As a sustainable plantation, our trees were planted 10 years ago as part of a farm diversification project. No pesticides or fertilisers have ever been used and only our micro flock of Shropshire sheep, who don’t nibble the trees, have added anything to the land they grow on!

We are Lynn and John who farm just up the hill. We’d love to invite your family to our fields to choose your perfect tree - there’s lots to choose from. We only cut them when you’ve made your choice for you to carry them home on the day or just before we deliver on your chosen date. This way, you have the assurance of the freshest tree you can get and there’s no doubt that your tree miles are kept to a minimum.

You really can be assured of a tree that will look and smell amazing throughout the Christmas period, especially if you offer it a regular drink as you would do to other guests in your home. Our experiment last year is on our Facebook page and shows our tree still with its green needles intact in April!

Pre-select your Christmas tree for a free Christmas delivery by appointment.

Gates open weekends from 28th Nov or by appointment.

Tel: 07800 869350
Facebook: Frodsham Christmas Trees
Twitter: @FrodshamTrees

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